Cruise experience


Last week we had the pleasure to be invited by our partners at the board of one of their ships in order for our team to better understand what they need from us when recruiting new candidates.

Truth be told...everything about this cruise has been excellent.
From the design of the welcoming ship, to the young and beautiful personnel, the incredible food and the most comfortable yet luxurious vibe of the cruise.
During these days, we've been lucky enough to meet great people full of passion and devotion to this industry, understand their effort in order to deliver high levels of service to their guests.


We all knew working in this field means a lot of effort and devotion but not until now we actually realized what it really involves. In order for the vessel to always look perfectly clean it takes a lot of hard work for the housekeeping personnel. At the bar and restaurant everybody looks bright and shine ready to make you fall in love with the amazing food (thanks to all the chefs and their assistants) or the elegant drinks.


We couldn't not notice how all of them work as a team and help each other whenever it was needed, which made us believe that they make the ambiance perfect by giving you the 'feels like home' feeling.


Everyday was a complete show of luxury, sight seeing, local culture, fine dinning, and  relaxing mood and we've been more than lucky to be part of this perfect cruise.